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In the Face of Climate Change, Investing in Forests Promises to Strengthen Water Supply Resilience in Tegucigalpa

A rising number of cities around the globe are facing crisis-level constraints in water access, highlighting the pervasive and immediate consequences of climate change. Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, is one such flashpoint. The city’s water utility currently meets less than half of residents’ demand for water – some of the city’s one million residents receive water only once a week.


Tegucigalpa’s problems have followed a common pattern: urbanization and population growth are rapidly increasing the demand for resources, while also encroaching on the natural systems that provide those resources. As in other cities, forestland around Tegucigalpa has rapidly diminished, revealing the high costs of losing forestland for water supply and for resilience in the face of the changing conditions created by climate change more broadly.


A recent paper by PROFOR in collaboration with CATIE and CIFOR looks at the potential role of forest preservation and restoration to reverse this pattern, boosting Tegucigalpa’s water supply and making it more resilient in the face of climate change.

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